Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell I know a book has touched me when it takes weeks to sort through my thoughts and write a coherent review. I am still googly-eyed at the love story. STILL.

This is the love story of two misfits. Eleanor is a redhead that is often teased by classmates. Park is a 16-year-old kid that reads comics books and has good taste in music. Neither teen is popular but over the course of a school year, they form a bond.

Eleanor & Park is so touching. It will remind you of first love. It will make you stay up hours reading. The two characters will occupy your mind long after the last words are read. Again, it has been a couple weeks and I am still thinking about them.

Some compare Eleanor & Park to The Fault in Our Stars far as star-crossed teens in love. While I don't think Eleanor & Park is better than TFiOS, it is a very close second.

Thanks to bookheart Heather for the recommendation and to the Prissy Book Snob Vern for a great buddy read!