The Migraine Mafia

The Migraine Mafia - Maia Sepp Viive (pronounced Vee-veh) juggles being a wife and working in a fast-paced technical field all while suffering from a migraine. She has her good days, then not-so-good days. She is close to a promotion until her bosses politely force a leave of absence. Frustrated and from advice of a doctor, she joins a support group called the Migraine Mafia. Viive realizes the room full of strangers may change how she views her chronic illness.

This is my first novel read by author Maia Sepp. As a migraineur, I am very critical and sensitive when it comes to books about this debilitating illness. Unfortunately, I know all too well the restrictions migraines put on a person's life—socially and professionally. Well, Maia Sepp nailed it. I knew from the details of main character Viive's attacks that this was no amateur writer who googled migraine symptoms. No, this author experienced symptoms firsthand. There were so many moments in the book where I literally said aloud, "This is me!" and "Shut the fridge door! Me too!" The mini-migraine rescue drawer, the medication mumbo-jumbo, triggers and triptans were all too familiar and gave the writer credibility. Many kudos for delivering a hilarious, truthful-in-a-fiction-way novel about a small group of migraineurs.

I recommend this novel to my fellow migraineurs. If you are familiar with someone who suffers from a chronic illness or a nervous system disorder, this may give you some light-hearted insight. Keep in mind The Migraine Mafia is a work of fiction and not to be taken as factual medical advice or as a depiction of migraine sufferers as a whole. Regardless, still read it! The Migraine Mafia is only $2.99 for the eBook (less than the price of an icepack). Download now!

Now excuse me while I go search for a migraine support group.

Literary Marie of Precision Reviews