The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men

The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men - Ernessa T. Carter 32 Candles by Ernessa T. Carter was a great novel movement complete with t-shirts, online pajama parties, book club meetings and fandom. Ever since its phenomenon, I have waited for a follow-up novel. Alas—well kind of. Instead of focusing on our beloved main character from before (Davie), The Awesome Girl's Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men focuses on four new women who are encouraged to read Davie's general relationship advice book.

The four friends are unique in their own way but want the same thing: a better love life. Thursday wants to stop having one-month-stands and settle down with a steady boyfriend. Sharita is holding out hope for black love. Risa hasn't gotten over The One and Tammy struggles to accept love.

Will this new novel start a movement like 32 Candles? Probably not. Will you pick up dating tips that are strategically placed between the pages? Most likely. Learning a thing or two while enjoying a fictional story makes reading this book worth it. I either knew someone who reminded me of the characters or could personally relate to some characteristics of the four women's dating habits. I am sure you'll see yourself or a friend within the 400+ pages and be anxious to see if the women get that Molly Ringwald ending we want for ourselves.

Side Shelf Note: I read TAGGTDEM in one sitting partly because it was good but moreso because I was reading via Kindle for Mac platform and desperately wanted to finish reading from a big screen. I begrudgingly had to download the Kindle edition because it was not available on NOOK. This is my only complaint because availability is important as an avid reader and chick on-the-go.

If you fell in love with Ernessa T. Carter's writing the first go-round, you will like TAGGTDEM. Although Davie plays a minor character, her advice is throughout the book. Grab a cocktail, your highlighter, and dive in reading!

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