Binding Agreement

Binding Agreement - Kyra Davis Just One Night: Binding Agreement is the third installment of the Just One Night trilogy by Kyra Davis. That one wild night in Vegas changed Kasie's whole world. It affected her job, engagement and even her relationship with her parents. Now Kasie is trying to settle into this new position of power, seduction and success all while balancing a passionate affair with sexy Robert Dade. As time moves on, Kasie wonders whether Robert is the right man or whether he is a stranger meant for just one night.

This conclusion to the trilogy wrapped up Kasie's story in a plain gift box without a pretty bow. Where I thought the plot would go, it didn't. And I wished it had. I was not satisfied with the conclusion of this trilogy but glad that author Kyra Davis tried her hand at erotic romance.

Just One Night, Part 3: Binding Agreement will be available on May 20 for just $1.99. I recommend the first two installments but if you're like me, you may be disappointed with this third part but have to read it for conclusion's sake.

Literary Marie of Precision Reviews