The Floater

The Floater - Sheryl Sorrentino Norma Reyes is not the normal 46-year-old woman. She is a recent law school graduate supporting her elderly mother who unfortunately has dementia. After working as a summer law clerk at a prestigious law firm and taking the bar exam, Norma is confident she'll land a job immediately. But due to the recession, she is only hired as a floater. No, not the "stubborn piece of shit bobbing in the toilet" but a rotating secretary. The job is just a pit stop until the economy gets better, or so Norma hopes. Next thing you know, a smoking gun falls into Norma's hands that forces her into a legal battle.

Let's talk about the book cover first. Caught your eye, didn't it? It may seem light-hearted and maybe even comedic. But this book has way more serious moments than the cover portrays.

It is evident that the author, Sheryl Sorrentino, is a practicing attorney. While the law firm and events in the book are fictional, it is clear Sheryl knows her stuff! The well developed plot is an example of glass ceilings and legal drama. In the Author's Note, Sheryl reveals that her goal was to evoke intense reactions in readers. Well, consider the goal achieved.

I recommend The Floater for middle-aged women and book clubs. It is also a good read for those working in corporate America that may feel unappreciated. Let Norma's story give you hope.

Literary Marie of Precision Reviews