Life and Struggles: A Unique Collection of Poetry

Life and Struggles: A Unique Collection of Poetry - Cassandra Hawkins Wilson Take a second and marinate on the title: Life and Struggles. It is something we can all relate to with empathy and full understanding. Life and Struggles is a collection of 67 unique poems. The poems spoke to me, comforted me, reminded me of life experiences, and took me on a journey of emotions. The author bared her soul through words. Lasting impressions, pieces of milk chocolate, longing for pleasure, gratification, surrender, hate, shame, confirmation, control and lust are just some of the feelings expressed in the poems. Oh, I had plenty moments of "Yasssss!"

It is definitely a collection I will read again when poems are relevant to a situation I am going through. It helps to know someone else has experienced similar struggles and feelings. I thank Cassandra for writing this collection of poetry and am proud of her achievement. She put feelings to paper and shared it with readers. Well done!

Literary Marie of Precision Reviews