What Is Love? Perspectives On Love

What Is Love? Perspectives On Love - Fadi Hattendorf What is love? No, really. What is love? How do you define it? How do you express it? How do you feel about it? Are you the one taking or giving love? Is love a result of sex, or the other way around?

The author of What is Love? Perspectives of Love promises readers that "you will come to a different definition, meaning and understanding of it after reading this amazing book." Through over fifty stories, ideas of love and examples of lovers are explored. All of the stories are brief yet concise. Readers may recognize his/her own past or present love situations in the stories. If anything, it will make readers evaluate relationships or times he/she experienced love.

Because the entire book is about the same subject, it seemed repetitive. At times I thought, "Okay already. I get it. Love, love and more love." Then I would continue reading and come across a story that caught my interest and offered a different take on the subject. For example, some of the sections were:

Virtual Love
Material Love
Conditional & Unconditional Love
Love, the Rhythm of Money
The Facets of Love

While the stories gave different perspectives of love explored, I still wonder what love is. I still remain cynical about love, but I won't turn it down!

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