Grammar Girl's 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master in No Time

Grammar Girl's 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master in No Time - Mignon Fogarty As a copyeditor, I witness firsthand how the English language is always changing. Words and phrases take on new meanings over time. Definitions change; words are used interchangeably. The great rivalry between prescribers and describers continues.

I read all of Grammar Girl's tips and books. This new release is no exception and very much necessary in today's world. There are a total of 101 troublesome words that are tackled--most of which were not covered in previous Grammar Girl books. If you are unsure what words are acceptable to use in today's English language, this is a helpful guide. Grammar Girl did all of the research and makes great recommendations with example sentences. I did not agree with all of the choices, but can certainly appreciate a different point of view. 101 Troublesome Words You'll Master In No Time is complete with cute related drawings and quick and dirty tips to accompany the words and phrases.

Some of the troublesome words featured are:

African American (difference between African American and Black)
Couldn't Care Less (as opposed to "could care less")
E-mail versus Email
I'd've (contraction for "I would have")
Lay versus Lie
Momentarily (mistakenly used to mean "in a moment")
Noisome (nothing to do with noise but to describe smells)
Out Loud (as opposed to "aloud")
Peruse (incorrectly used to mean "browse")
Than I versus Than Me
Utilize (when in doubt, choose "use")
Whet (not "wet") your appetite

Be sure to add this great resource to your personal collection. It is offered at a great price of $5.99 for the paperback and eBook editions. Also visit and subscribe to Grammar Girl's podcast. It is one of my faves and I'm sure other language lovers will enjoy it.

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