Love, Accidentally

Love, Accidentally - Sarah Pekkanen The author's previous story ALL IS BRIGHT continues in the new short story LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY. But this story is told from Griffin's new fiance Ilsa's point of view. It begins with Isla and Griffin meeting by chance when his dog is injured. Within months, the couple grow close and are engaged. During a visit home to Chicago, Isla meets Griffin's parents and discover his ex-girlfriend Elise is still close with the family. Now Isla wonders whether she's the rebound girl or whether falling in love was an accident after all.

Women can connect with Ilsa's points of view on love, loss, family and relationships of the past. Sarah Pekkanen has a knack for writing that draws you into the character's lives. I would love for the author to either continue this short story series or write a full novel with these characters.

As a bonus, this eBook includes excerpts from Sarah Pekkanen's other novels. Download for a quick, heartwarming read for the holidays. It will only cost you $.99!