Kill Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #18)

Kill Alex Cross (Alex Cross, #18) - James Patterson Kill Alex Cross is the 18th book in the Detective Alex Cross series by James Patterson. The President's children have been kidnapped. The Washington DC water supply has been poisoned. Together, both cases are a devastating attack on the United States. And Alex Cross is the detective handling both cases.

The format in Kill Alex Cross was a little different. Our favorite detective didn't even appear until a few chapters in. There were also a couple chapters that were told from a different point of view, but the reader is not sure who the narrator is. Weird format, but it worked to keep me reading. The mystery itself was predictable, as well as the title. C'mon...we all know Alex Cross probably won't be killed no matter how close he gets to danger. Every new Alex Cross book is labeled "the most gripping." This one? Not so much. Was it better than the last few Patterson books? Yes. But it was missing the suspense, mystery and murder factor. It is still worth the read though. It is available in U.S. bookstores and online retailers November 14.

Literary Marie