In Between Lies

In Between Lies - Shawna Hill Precision Reviews Series Sunday pick is In Between Lies, the first book in the tentatively titled Naomi series by Shawna Hill. Fresh from a broken engagement, Savannah has sworn off men. She needs a break before entering a new relationship. That is until she meets sexy weatherman/nightclub owner Kevin. Despite warnings from best friends, Savannah finds herself letting her guard down and falling in love with the player. Little does she know, there is a woman from Kevin's past named Naomi that desperately wants him back. Naomi will do anything to claim Kevin as her man again.

This is the debut novel to a drama-filled, erotic romance series. Author Shawna Hill's writing style is easy to follow. Despite my sensitive eye to mechanical errors in the text, I was still lost in the realistic story line. In Between Lies is not your typical romance. The scenes are just as hot as the cover portrays. Twists in the plot, fatal attraction moments, and a jaw-dropping cliffhanger clearly separates it from the rest in its genre. Thank goodness I had the sequel readily available to continue the story.