Summer and the City

Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell It picks up exactly where The Carrie Diaries left off. Carrie is in love with New York City. The smell, the fashion, the writers, the crazy neighbors, the vintage clothing, and wild parties. Even better, she is in a writing class honing her skills and preparing her for a career in writing.

Carrie has fun navigating around The Big Apple, with Samantha Jones as a mentor figure and Miranda Hobbes as a spunky accomplice. She even starts a romance with a popular playwright. Reading about her fun, however, was not interesting enough. I picked up Summer and the City just to finish the series out. I wasn't all too crazy about the first Carrie Diaries novel, and especially didn't care for Sex and the City book. But the HBO series and movies made me a Carrie fan. So as that fan, I felt obligated to continue reading the series and see how our fave character began.

Well, the young Carrie is nothing like the adult Carrie. It's like two completely different people but with the same name and location. The inconsistencies are few, but apparent. It is correctly labeled as Young Adult. But if you are an adult Carrie fan, it may bore you. Forget summer and the city as a teenager. I want grown woman tales of sex and the city!