30 Isn't Old

30 Isn't Old - Colette Petersen Writer Colette Petersen had the brilliant idea to write a nonfiction book of stories about successful women turning 30 years old. Through their stories, she clearly illustrates that 30 isn't a time to fear. Our society portrays that particular age as either "the end of something great" or "the beginning of something bad."

Petersen interviewed 19 women who turned 30 years old in 2006. Her research and interview questions concentrated on five areas of success: marriage, family, career, spirituality, and having it all. Even though every woman has a different view of success, the chapters flow smoothly. I especially enjoyed the "Straight Answers" section where Petersen proposed a general question and highlighted some of the participants answers. It is a very easy conversational read that can be read from front to back, or you can pick the chapters that pertain to you.

There are numerous books available about this milestone birthday. Most of them offer ways to get over the hill, or how to get it together. Finally we have a positive book about turning 30 that defines what it means to be successful at this age. The writer successfully helped me to realize that 30 really isn't old. Instead of dreading my next birthday, I welcome it with open arms.

Literary Marie