Semisweet: A Maggie and Odessa Mystery

Semisweet: A Maggie and Odessa Mystery - Jill Brock Sweet Slice of Mystery

Maggie & Odessa are back! Wife, mother, and private eye to-be Maggie Swift takes on her first solo case. Enlisting the help of best friend, dessert chef Odessa Wilkes, they investigate whether a groom-to-be is marrying for love or for an ulterior motive. In between looking for clues and planning a wedding, Odessa is being stalked by a psycho bug exterminator who tries to kill her in the opening pages.

I love this series! Jill Brock's details and realistic characters are quite entertaining. The book is a great blend of chick lit, mystery, light suspense and humor. My only pet peeve with Semisweet are the sprinkled typos and grammatical errors. The text is peppered with question marks instead of periods, "than" instead of "then," "to" instead of "too," "pass" instead of "past," and "of" incorrectly placed with "off." After the first few detected errors, I wondered if the final draft was reviewed by a professional editor. Without the misspellings and errors, it would be an excellent book. Nevertheless, it didn't take away from the story. As always, I look forward to reading the next installment in the Maggie & Odessa Mystery series.

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