Hostage of Lies

Hostage of Lies - Maxine Thompson HOSTAGE OF LIES: SECRETS OF A SMALL TOWN

Have you ever felt haunted by your past? Are you curious about your family history? Are you considered the black sheep in your family? If so, you can relate to the main character of “Hostage of Lies.”

Forty-year-old Nefertiti has finally returned home after seven long years. The man who banished her from Shallow’s Corner is celebrating his seventy-fifth birthday. But Titi didn’t come back to help with her father’s party. She came back home to Michigan for other personal reasons: to find the child she gave up for adoption in 1967. Meanwhile, brothers Isaac and Pharaoh are still fighting over Titi like a piece of property. It seems that old habits die hard, while the absence of Titi made their hearts grow fonder.

The story itself takes place over a span of five days. However, the history goes back generations. At times it was difficult to follow the storyline since it is told out of sequence. Although I understand the author’s intent to explain the past and prove its importance to the characters present lives. “Hostage of Lies” is a written example of how secrets affect a family. Dr. Maxine Thompson cleverly combines African-American history and suspense into a deep plot.

January 24, 2010

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