Dear Daughter: A Novel

Dear Daughter: A Novel - Elizabeth Little Ten years ago, LA "it" girl Janie Jenkins was convicted of murdering her mother. A mother she didn't like. Now that she is released on a technicality, she is on a mission to unravel the mystery with the help of her mother's last words, a letter and a visit to a tiny town. Trying to stay hidden because the media is on her tail, she works primarily alone to figure out the truth and whether she really did kill her mother.

Dear Daughter has been recommended to readers who enjoyed Gone Girl. So I was all for reading the next best possible psychological thriller. It started off at a steady pace with Janie and her attorney on a plan to help her escape the media and rejoin the world as a free woman. Carefully disguised she sets out on a journey of truth. Toward the middle of the book, I almost lost interest and was ready for the ending. Janie, are you that psycho that you don't know whether you killed your mother or not?

Interesting twist. Unsolved crime. Good debut. Missing the WOW factor though.

Literary Marie of Precision Reviews