All Is Bright: An eShort Story

All Is Bright: An eShort Story - Sarah Pekkanen Elise and Griffin were a couple for fifteen years, but Elise just couldn't bring herself to marry Griffin. Eight months after the childhood sweethearts broke up, Elise visits her hometown of Chicago for Christmas. She runs into a familiar person in the grocery store: Griffin's mom, Janice. After being invited for an evening of eggnog, carols and food, Elise begins a walk down memory lane. It is filled with warm memories of Griffin, but mostly of Janice's motherly ways. Elise begins to wonder if letting Griffin go was worth losing Janice.

Women can connect with Elise's point of view on love, loss, family and relationships of the past. Sarah Pekkanen has a knack for writing that draws you into the character's lives. I would love for the author to either continue this short story series or write a full novel with these characters.

The story does however continue with the new short story LOVE, ACCIDENTALLY from Isla's point of view. As a bonus, both eBooks include excerpts from Sarah Pekkanen's other novels. Download for a quick, heartwarming read for the holidays. It will only cost you $.99 each!

Literary Marie