An Accidental Affair

An Accidental Affair - Eric Jerome Dickey When a video hits the Internet and goes viral, it's a wrap. Screenwriter James Thicke is married to movie actress Regina Baptiste. During the filming of his latest script starring his wife, a sex tape is released. Regina is caught in an accidental fuck with co-star Johnny Handsome. James's first reaction is to attack Johnny Handsome, then go on the run.

Under the identity of "Varg Veum," James lands in a ghetto apartment building full of characters and nosy neighbors. Mr. Chet Holder is an older man that immediately latches on to James like a schoolboy meeting the new kid in class. Sweet Isabel is a poised British woman that sees through the lies James tells. Patrice Evans is a hot adulteress mess. Another EJD character, Driver from Drive Me Crazy, plays a supporting role as the loyal employee of James.

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