Intimate Illusions

Intimate Illusions - Shawna Hill Intimate Illusions is the second book in the tentatively titled Naomi series by Shawna Hill. Picking up exactly where In Between Lies left off, Naomi is alive and back in town. She's still bitter from the breakup with Kevin, but tries to keep herself hidden. Meanwhile, Kevin and Savannah are preparing to get married and raise a family. It's not long before an opportunity arises for their paths to cross.

The story is hard to put down as events quickly begin to happen. I found myself turning the e-pages quickly and even talking aloud to the characters. True to its cover, this sequel is steamy hot with scenes that are sure to heat your body temperature. (Just take a moment to admire the nicely built chocolate man on the cover. Owww!) If you like sexy stories with drama, read this series.

I personally can't wait for the third release.

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